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Import Participants

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Import Participants

Use this feature to post event registrations from other sources

This feature allows you to quickly post event registrations to CiviCRM that have come in offline or through another event registration system. However, each person, household or organization must already exists as a contact record in your CiviCRM database. If you need to import participant information for contact records which haven't been added to CiviCRM yet - you will do this in 2 steps. First, use Import Contacts to add the contact records. If possible, include a unique 'External ID' for each new contact which you can then use to match participant info such as event registration to the corresponding contact record. Then you can proceed with importing the event registration records using this feature.

You access the Import Participants function by clicking CiviEvent on the CiviCRM home page. There are four items underneath the CiviEvent menu - Find Participants, Manage Events, New Event and Import Participants.

Click on Import Participants to go to the Import Participants screen. You will see the Import Participants form.

Save the CSV file you want to import to your local hard drive (or an accessible drive on your network) before you continue.

Import file requirements
  • The file must be in the 'comma-separated-values' format (CSV) and UTF8 encoded. Most applications will allow you to export records in this format. Consult the documentation for your application if you're not sure how to do this. The file must be UTF8 encoded if it contains special characters (e.g. accented letters, etc.).
  • The file must include the following columns:
    • Event Title OR Event ID (a unique integer assigned by CiviEvent, displayed in the Manage Events listing)
    • Participant Status (ie. Registered, Attended, Cancelled, etc.)
    • Participant Role (ie. Attendee, Volunteer, Host, etc.)
      Valid values for Status and Role can be found in the CiviEvent section of the Administer CiviCRM screen. You can also import Fee Level, Registration Date and any other standard or custom Participant fields.
  • The size of the file MUST be less than 1MB. If your file is larger, separate the data into multiple smaller files as needed.

There are 4 steps in the Import Members process:

1. Upload Data 

2. Match Fields 

3. Preview 

4. Summary 

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