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Import Contributions

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Import Contributions

You access the Import Contributions function by clicking CiviContribute on the CiviCRM home page. There are three items underneath the CiviContribute menu item - Find Contributions, Import Contributions and Manage Contribution Pages .

Click on Import Contributions to go to the Import Contributions screen.

Import File

If your organization has contact records in MS Access©, Excel© or other applications, you can easily import them into CiviCRM.

Files must be in the 'comma-separated-values' format (CSV) and UTF8 encoded

Most applications will allow you to export records in this format. Consult the documentation for your application if you're not sure how to do this. Also note that files must be UTF8 encoded if they contains special characters (e.g. accented letters, etc.).

Before exporting your data for import, be sure to perform duplicate matching to avoid duplicating data during your import.

Contact Records for Contributors

Contact records must exist before importing contributions. If you want to import contribution data for contacts that do not yet exist in CiviCRM, first Import Contacts.

Contribution imports require that the Contributors already exist as contact records in your CiviCRM database. If you need to import contributions for contributors who haven't been added to CiviCRM yet - you will do this in 2 steps. First, use Import Contacts to add the contact records. If possible, include a unique External ID for each new contact, which you can then use to match contributions to contributors. Then return to this screen and import the contribution records.

Matching Contributions to Contributors

Contribution import files must contain data needed to match the contribution to the contributor. This "matching" can be handled in several different ways:

  • Include the data fields used for contact "matching" based on your configured Duplicate Matching rules. For the default duplicate matching rules, you would include 3 columns in each row with the contributors' First Name, Last Name and Email Address.
  • If you've stored a unique External ID for each contact in CiviCRM, you can include that value as a column in your import file. Contributions will then be matched to contributors using their External ID


Save the CSV file you want to import to your local hard drive (or an accessible drive on your network) before you continue.

The size of the file you are importing MUST be less than 2MB. If your file if larger than 2MB, create additional files and distribute the data among them until the files are smaller than 2MB.

There are 4 steps in the Import Contributions process:

1. Upload Data 

2. Match Fields 

3. Preview 

4. Summary 

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