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Find Members

You access the Find Members function by clicking on CiviMember on the CiviCRM home page. There are two items underneath the CiviMember menu - Find Members and Import Members.

Click on Find Members to go to the Find Members screen. You will see the Find Members search form.

Use this form to find member(s) by member name or email address, membership type, status, source, and/or membership period start and end dates.

Multiple selections for Membership Type and Status are combined as OR criteria (e.g. checking "Membership Type A" and "Membership Type B" will find contacts who have either membership). All other search fields are combined as AND criteria (e.g. selecting Status is "Expired" AND Source is "Phone-banking" returns only those contacts who meet both criteria).

Enter the information you want to include in your search and click Search.

Your results will be displayed below the search form.

From the search results screen you can view, edit and delete members' memberships. (if you have the corresponding access control permissions). You can also print and export selected member records. See Export Members

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