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Accurate, usable and complete documentation is critical to the long-term success of CiviCRM. Community members are making significant contributions to the project by volunteering to act as maintainers for a specific section of the online documentation. If you're interested in participating in this effort - please contact dave at civicrm dot org.

Documentation Maintainers

If you use CiviCRM and notice something in the documentation that needs correcting or clarifying - you should feel free to update the appropriate wiki page directly. You must sign up for a wiki account and log in in order to edit wiki pages. If you are unsure about the changes or you aren't comfortable modifying the documentation for whatever reason, you can contact the person listed below with your feedback.


Maintained By

Date Last Reviewed




Administer - Manage

 Dave Hansen-Lange (d a ve [at@at] adv om atic [.d.ot.] c om)

May 27, 2008

Administer - Configure

 Hugh Esco (hesco at campaignfoundations dot com)


Administer - Option Lists



CiviContribute Admin



CiviMember Admin

John Turner (j mt urner  at  u mich (dot) edu)

  review complete 9/4/07

CiviEvent Admin

Alan Wynn ua_flyguy at yahoo dot com





Use CiviCRM




Judy Hallman (hallman at email dot unc dot edu)

(review in progress 4/9/07), completed 4/25/07


Judy Hallman (hallman at email dot unc dot edu)

(target completion 5/11/07, first draft complete 5/15/07)

CiviCRM ERD 1.7

Ben Vautier (vhd at vhd dot com dot au)


Sections not listed above are "under construction". We will be recruiting maintainers for these sections one their initial versions are completed.

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