This documentation relates to CiviCRM version 2.2. It's not maintained anymore.
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Add Contacts to an Event

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This page refers to outdated version of CiviCRM. Check current version of documentation.

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Add Contacts to an Event

To add a single or multiple contacts to an event, first perform a Search.

From the search results, select which records you want. Your options for choosing contacts are:

  • Check the boxes to the left of each individual contact you wish to print and choose selected records only
  • Choose all # contacts (#=the number of contacts found by the search). Remember this will select the entire search result set - including records not displayed on the current page if the search returned multiple pages of results.

From the -more actions- dropdown menu at the top of the list of found contacts, choose Add Contacts to Event and click Go.

This will bring you to the "New Event Registration" screen.

Event - Choose an event from the dropdown list. The event must already be setup via manage events.
Include past event(s) in this select list - Click this link to include past events in the above dropdown menu.
Participant Role - Select the participant role. The roles must already be setup via participant role.
Registration Date and Time - Indicate the date and time. For existing events with a specified date and time, this will be filled automatically.
Participant Status - Select a participant status from the dropdown. Status must already be setup via participant status.
Event Source - Indicate the source for this registration (if applicable), i.e., online, via phone, etc.
Event Fee(s) - If no fee was setup for this event, you will see (no fee). Otherwise you can select fee levels from the dropdown list. These Fees must be already setup via manage events
Notes - Enter event related notes for the contact(s)

Click Save to save the contacts to the event or Cancel to cancel.

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