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CiviCRM Documentation

Administer CiviCRM - CiviContribute

Use CiviContribute to accept contributions, offer premiums, ask contributors custom questions, collect and acknowledge payments online. This section covers the administrative tasks related to setting up and managing CiviContribute.

Manage Contribution Pages

Setup features affecting CiviCRM globally like language and date formats

Manage Premiums

Setup and Configure Premiums

Manage Pledges

Setup and Configure Pledges

CiviContribute Payment Processor Configuration

Setup and Configure a Payment Processor

Contribution Types

Setup and Configure Contribution Types

Payment Instruments

Setup and Configure Payment Instruments

Accepted Credit Cards

Setup and Configure Accepted Credit Cards

Enabling CiviCRM Modules

If you don't see the Administrative options for CiviContribute in the control panel, you will need to enable the component. Go to Administer CiviCRM >> Global Settings >> Enable Components to do this. See Enable Components.


Enabling CiviCRM Contribution tab

CiviCRM Contribution tab should be enabled by default after enabling the component, however if you don't see it on the single contact record view page, you will need to enable it. Go to Administer CiviCRM >> Global Settings >>Site Preferences  and enable "Contributions" checkbox in "Viewing Contacts" section.

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