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Add or Edit Memberships for Contacts

Authorized users can add or edit memberships for contacts. The CiviMember component must be enabled by your Administrator (see CiviMember Admin). If enabled, you will see a CiviMember option in your CiviCRM menu.

Search for and open a contact record. You will see the navigation tabs:

Click on the tab labeled Memberships. You will see a list of existing memberships with this message:

Current and inactive memberships for "contact name" are listed below. Click New Membership to record a new membership.

If no memberships exist for this contact, you will see the message:

There are no memberships recorded for this contact. You can enter one now.

You can create a NEW membership or View Edit or Delete EXISTING memberships using the links to the right of each membership.


From the Memberships tab or section, click >>New Membership, which brings you to the New Membership screen.

Membership Type - Select from the drop-down list of membership types. (Membership types are configured by your Administrator, see Membership Types).
Source - You may enter a staff person's name, a campaign code or some other tracking information. This field is optional, but can be quite useful as you can later search for memberships by Source.
Join Date - Current date is the default, enter a different date if the join date is NOT the current date.
Start Date, End Date - These fields will be automatically set based on Membership Type if you don't select a date. For example, if you've selected an annual rolling membership, start date will be today and end date will be one year from yesterday. Otherwise enter the first and last date of the membership.

Status Hold bypasses Membership Status Rules

Status Hold? - Membership status is set and updated automatically based on your configured Membership Status Rules. Check the Status Hold? box and select a Status if you want to bypass this process. The selected status will remain in force unless it is again modified on this screen.


For EXISTING memberships you can View, Edit or Delete memberships using the links to the right of each membership.


Select View to view the details of the membership - type, status, source and join/start/end/reminder dates.

When finished, click Done.


Select Edit to view the Edit Membership page. Here you can change the values for the membership type, source, join/start/end dates and status.

Click Save to save the edits or Cancel to cancel.

If successful, you will see the message:

The membership information has been saved.


Select Delete to delete the membership. You will be given this warning:

WARNING: Deleting this membership will also delete related membership log and payment records. This action can not be undone. Consider modifying the membership status instead if you want to maintain a record of this membership. Do you want to continue?

It is often best to create a membership status of "lapsed" or "former" and change the contact's membership status to one of those, rather than deleting the membership altogether.

Click Delete to continue the deletion or Cancel to cancel deleting the membership.

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