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Step 1. Members - Upload Data

Import File MUST contain Membership Type

Your import file must have a column for membership type and the types listed must exactly match the membership types setup by your CiviCRM Administrator. If your import file does not contain a membership type field with a value for each contact record, CiviCRM will treat these records as invalid data and will NOT import them. Administrators can manage membership types.

Import Data File: Browse for the file that contains your CSV formatted data for import.

Contact records must exist before importing membership data. If you want to import membership data for contacts that do not yet exist in CiviCRM, first Import Contacts.

First row contains column headers - Indicate if your file has column headers in the first row (First Name, Last Name, etc.).

Contact Type - Indicate if the data is for Individuals, Households or Organizations.

You must import different contact types SEPARATELY. Importing files with more than one contact type will not work.

Date Format - Indicate the format used for dates in the file you are importing.

Click Continue>> to proceed. You will be taken to the "Match Fields" page.

Click Cancel to cancel configuring the import.

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