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Setup System Settings

Via the menu: Administer >> System Settings. Via the Administration Console: Look in the System Settings section.



Enable CiviCRM Components

Enable CiviContribute, CiviMember and/or CiviMail components.

Outbound Email (SMTP) SMTP server, port and authentication settings for outbound email.
Payment ProcessorsSelect and configure a payment processing service for online contributions and / or membership fees.
Mapping and GeocodingConfigure a mapping provider (e.g. Google or Yahoo) to display maps for contact addresses.
Misc: (Undelete, PDF's, Limits, Logging, Captcha, etc.)Enable version checking and configure optional CAPTCHA feature for Profile forms.

Configure directories in your file system for temporary uploads, images, custom files and custom templates.

Resource URLsURLs used to access CiviCRM resources (CSS files, Javascript files, images, etc.).
Cleanup Caches and Update PathsCleanup CiviCRM caches and set value for Base URL and Site Name
CMS Database IntegrationCheck the user table name and (for Drupal) get the views integration code
Safe File ExtensionsConfigure allowable extensions for CiviCRM file Upload fields
Option GroupsManage CiviCRM's many option groups (Values for various drop down lists)

Import/Export Mappings

Manage Import/Export file to field mappings.

Debugging and Error handling

Enable debugging features including display of template variables and backtracing.

  Multi Site Settings

Settings for CiviCRM in a multi site environment

Scheduled Jobs

Enable, Disable, Configure and run CiviCRM Scheduled Jobs. Also known as cron jobs.

SMS Providers

Setup and enable SMS Providers

Settings Moved to other menus (docs should be moved)


Site PreferencesConfigure screens and tabs for viewing and editing contacts, search, contact dashboard, and select a WYSIWYG editor.
LocalizationLocalization settings include user language, default currency and available countries for address input.
Address SettingsFormat contact address input and display. Configure optional Address Standardization provider.
Date FormattingFormat date input and display.
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