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You may get unexpected errors or warnings when running PHP scripts on the command-line. This usually doesn't happen if PHP is distributed natively with the system (eg with Ubuntu or Debian Linux), but it can commonly happen on systems that use an add-on *AMP stack (such as MAMP, WAMP, or XAMPP).


Determine which version is used in your command-line, run:

Check PHP Version

The "/usr/bin/php" is the default copy provided by OS X – which is usually not as good as the version provided with MAMP. To locate the version provided by MAMP, run:

Pick the version which is compatible with CiviCRM (at time of writing, 5.3.x) and then add it to ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc, e.g.:


To make sure the change takes effect, you should

  • Close the terminal
  • Open a new terminal
  • Re-run "which php"
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