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To get a custom field ID given the custom field name and custom group name, you can use the following code:

For setting and getting custom field values in hooks, you need to know the field ID of the custom field(s) you want to work with. The easiest place to find these IDs is in the civicrm_custom_field table in the database. You'll then access these fields as "custom_ID". So if you have a field holding a custom value whose ID in the civicrm_custom_field table is 34, you'll use "custom_34" to access it.

Once you have the ID(s), you'll want to use the setValues and getValues functions in the CRM/Core/BAO/CustomValueTable.php file. Here are a couple of examples of their use:

Setting values (on a Contribution object's custom fields):

Getting values (from a Contribution's associated Contact object):

Note that custom field values may not always be available when you might expect. For instance, you can't retrieve custom field values in the 'create' operation in the _pre and _post hooks, because the custom field values haven't been stored yet. However, you can retrieve values in the 'edit' operation.

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