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Payment Processors - Configure payment processing service(s) for online contributions and / or membership fees.

You can configure one or more Payment Processors for your CiviCRM installation. You must then assign an active Payment Processor to each Online Contribution Page and each paid Event.

If no Payment Processors have been configured for your site, click the add one link in the status message. On the Payment Processor form:

Payment Processor Type - From the drop -down list select the Processing Service you want to use for online contributions and/or event registration.

Name - Assign a descriptive name to this processor configuration. This is particularly important of you are configuring multiple merchant accounts for different chapters or sub-organizations within your site.

Default - If checked, this processor will be the selected option when editing or updating Contribution Page and Event configurations.

Processor Details for Live and Test Payments

The Processor Detail fields shown are dependent on the processing service you are configuring. Refer to the corresponding section under the Payment Processors section for details.

Click Save to save your action or Cancel to cancel it.

If successful you will see the message "Your changes have been saved."

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