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The synchronization is "one-way" - from Organic Groups to CiviCRM Groups.

Once the module is enabled via Drupal Administer » Modules - for any new or re-saved Organic Group it will automatically create 2 CiviCRM groups:

  • A "normal" group containing a contact record for each corresponding Organic Group user member. This group is assigned the same name as the linked Organic Group. (The linking is by convention - e.g. they fact that they have the same name IS the link.)
  • An "ACL" group containing the contact record of the "administrator" of the corresponding Organic Group. This gives the OG group admin the ability to view and edit members of "their" group in CiviCRM.

NB: there are no configuration settings in Drupal - so don't stress if you can't find them!

When a new user is added / signs up for an Organic Group, they are automatically added to the corresponding CiviCRM Group.

NB: for existing OGs the synching only seems to only add the Manager in to the Civi 'Admin' Group, not the other Admins. Removing and recreating their OG Admin-ness sorts it..

Reverse Synching ie CiviCRM > OG

For some discussions about reverse synching try these forum posts

Importing CiviCRM Contacts to OG

A useful tool for grabbing CiviCRM contacts to add to the OG (if you don't go down the 'reverse synch' route) is User Import Organic Groups -

Just export CiviCRM contacts' emails and add Drupal users to the OG, or create them on the fly (in which case also export First Last to build the user name from).

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