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Tips & Tricks on how to get translators involved in a translation sprint

  • Invite the community and your users (clients, partners, etc.) to a code sprint. It may be in an office, coffee shop, etc., as long as it has a reliable wifi or network connection.
  • Make sure everyone has a computer/laptop.
  • Provide coffee, food, etc.
  • Provide instructions in advance on how to use Transifex (and plan a bit of time at the beginning to make sure everyone has an account).
  • Present the 'translator resources' aka 'glossary' in the wiki (create one in advance if there isn't one already), discuss terms which do not have concensus. This is a very important step that must be done before starting any translation.
  • Discuss terms that may need to be added to the glossary.
  • If necessary, demo the new features that will have to be translated.
  • Explain to people how to find a string in the interface (ex: the link between CRM/Contact/Form/... and the actual URL in a demo site).
  • Determine goals: what components to translate, to what percentage, etc.
  • Split the work between translators: different translators can each work on a different component.
  • Clearly designate a person who can be interrupted regularly in order to answer questions.
  • At the end of the day, present the resulting translation in a demo CiviCRM installation.
  • Discuss whether the team has achieved the goal, how to improve further.
  • Help improve this documentation (clin d'œil)

Tips & Tricks on how to get translators involved online:

  • As a maintainer, maintain a presence online: inform the translators of the priorities by posting regularly in the Transifex forums (roadmap of upcoming releases/string freeze, areas in the translation that need to be reviewed or improved)
  • Make calls for volunteers in the CiviCRM forums.
  • Blog about the translation progress or announce translation sprints on the CiviCRM blog
  • Show your users/clients/partners how to use the online translation tools.
  • Use the language / country CiviCRM site if there is one (such as, etc.) or consider starting it if there isn't
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