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Installing or Upgrading CiviCRM

CiviCRM can be hosted inside the DrupalJoomla or WordPress Content Management Systems. This section covers Installation and Upgrade procedures for each environment. 

CiviCRM Requirements

  • An installation of Drupal, Joomla or Wordpress, and the following additional requirements:
  • PHP 5.5+ is recommended. See the CiviCRM PHP Requirements page for details.
  • PHP memory_limit set to between 256 and 512 megabytes.  
  • MySQL 5.1.x or higher with INNODB support : CiviCRM is compatible with the current generally available MySQL release. Trigger support is required for logging and multi-lingual features. SUPER privileges are required in MySQL 5.1 if binary logging is enabled. See the CiviCRM MySQL Permission Requirements page.
    Configuration variable thread_stack >= 192k.
  • PCRE with Unicode properties support (more info).


  • None