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NOTICE: This content is under active migration

As of early 2017, all content in the Developer Docs section of this wiki is being migrated to the newly evolving Developer Guide in mkdocs. Learn more about this migration process, including ways to participate.

It's still okay to edit this wiki. Read more about maintaining current documentation during the migration process.





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This section covers information for developers who want to customize CiviCRM, integrate CiviCRM with other modules using our APIs and Hooks, and learn more about CiviCRM architecture so that they can contribute to the codebase. We hope it will help you and encourage you to engage with the CiviCRM community.

It is aimed at both experienced developers who need to know their way around CiviCRM and experienced CiviCRM users who want to extend their skills and customise their systems further. Organizations that want to ensure that their developers are using best practices to extend CiviCRM may also find it useful.


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