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Contribution Amounts

Here you will establish the settings for collecting contributions on this page.

Check the Execute real-time monetary transactions box to enable monetary donations. You would NOT check this box if you are using this contribution page to solicit in-kind / non-monetary donations such as furniture, equipment.. etc.

Select the Currency.

Select the Payment Processor that has been set up for your site. Payment processors are configured at Administer >> Configure >> Global Settings >> Payment Processors. See CiviContribute Payment Processor Configuration for instructions.

Check the Contribution Amounts Section Enabled box to display contributions amounts on this page. You would NOT enable this if, for example, you are using the page for membership sign-ups only.

Check the Pay Later Option if you want to give users the option to submit payment offline (e.g. mail in a check, call in a credit card, etc.).

Select a pre-configured Price Set to offer multiple individually priced options for contributions. Price sets are configured at Administer >> Customize >> Price Sets. See Contribution Price Sets for instructions.

Check the Pledges box if you want to give users the option to make a Pledge (a commitment to contribute a fixed amount on a recurring basis). Then enter the allowed pledge settings.

You can enable Recurring Contributions if your payment processor allows them. Then enter the allowed recurring contribution settings.

Check the Allow Other Amounts? box to allow donors to enter custom amounts for their donation. This will add a field to your contribution page labeled Other Amount. Selecting this option will allow you to set a minimum and maximum amount that can be donated, if desired.

Next use the Fixed Contribution Options table to enter up to ten Contribution Labels and Amounts and, if desired, select a default amount to be pre-selected. These will be presented as a list of radio button options. Both the label and dollar amount will be displayed on the page.

Traditional giving level labels have included such terms as Platinum, Gold and Silver. Consider creative labels that match your organization. Advocacy organizations might consider levels such as Activist, Protester, Organizer, etc.

Click Save to save the Contribution Amounts settings and remain on the page, Save and Done to return to Manage Contribution Pages or Cancel to cancel the configuration.

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