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Configure Premiums

If you provide premiums (t-shirts, mugs, newsletters, etc.) to donors, enable the Premiums section for this Online Contribution Page. See Manage Premiums for instructions on setting up premiums.

You can customize the title and introductory message (e.g appreciation of your support, you will be able to select from a number of exciting thank-you gifts...). You can optionally provide a contact email address and/or phone number for inquiries. Then select and review the premiums that you want to offer on this contribution page.

Check the Premiums Section Enabled? box to enable this function.

Enter a Title and Introductory Message for the Premium section. This will be displayed below the Premiums section title. You may include HTML formatting tags. You can also include images, as long as they are already uploaded to a server - reference them using complete URLs.

You can choose to include a Contact Email and Contact Phone number in automated contribution receipts if the contributor has selected a premium by entering the email address and phone number.

By checking the Display Minimum Contribution Amount? box, you can automatically display the minimum contribution amount required to receive the premium.

Click Save to save the page, Save and Done to return to the Manage Contribution Pages menu, or Cancel to cancel the configuration.

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