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Hey Joe,

>Mike Gifford at OpenConcept and I are working on bilingual French / English
>sites for a couple of clients, and I expect we'll have more before too long.
>Thanks in part to some encouragement from CivicSpaceLabs I believe i18n
>support in Drupal is in the midst of getting a significant upgrade if I'm
>not mistaken.
Interesting - can't wait to see what's cooking! Gerhard, you know any
sources of information that I could refer to?

>I am interested in working on a proper implementation of i18n for CiviCRM
The above tickles my ambition a little bit. :-) Personally, I think i18n
support implementation for CiviCRM is proper, it just lacks some
features that are required in your deployment. ;-)

> as
>we are moving from a requirements gathering contract to an implementation
>contract on this.
Greatly interested to see the outcome from requirements gathering stage,
this can  help us in moving this area forward. I had some ideas for
extended i18n support that we discussed internally, but we decided to
postpone them until we get specific requirements from the community and
focus on CiviContribute goals instead.


>Joe Murray, PhD
>President, JMA Consulting
>57 Grandview Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M4K 1J1
>416.466.1281, 416.466.1277 (f)
>Skype: josephpmurray
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>>Michal Mach
>>Sent: December 8, 2005 4:41 PM
>>To: CiviCRM: General discussion around development
>>Subject: Re: [Crm-dev] multilingual crm install
>>Hey Pietro,
>>>i'm going to use civicrm on my drupal site. i'm using the
>>i18n drupal
>>>module to be able to have the site in 3 different languages
>>>(portuguese, english and spanish). i'd like to know if there
>>is a way
>>>to change the language of civicrm on the fly.
>>Not at the moment. While building i18n support in CiviCRM we
>>were focusing on providing single language at the time. In
>>most of cases, we were trying to avoid hardcoding any
>>solutions which would made on-the-fly language switching
>>impossible/difficult, but we didn't start moving practically
>>in this direction yet.
>>>Also i'd like to be able
>>>to translate profile names, custom data groups names and field names.
>>>this is for the website of a network of human rights groups and
>>>activists in the global south and many of them only speak
>>one language,
>>>so this is really important. i'd like to have a solution for this
>>>either supported by civicrm or in a hackish way untill this
>>gets into a
>>>civicrm release.
>>I'm not sure if it's doable at the moment. While having
>>different language versions of the UI might be doable with
>>Drupal's multi-site feature, the data layer is pretty i18n
>>resistant, and I think it will stay this way. I can imagine
>>some incredibly hacky way to go, where there are 3 CiviCRM
>>databases: tables that store i18n sensitive data are separate
>>for each database and the rest of the tables storing non i18n
>>sensitive data is duplicated between the 3 dbs - but this
>>might be extremely bad way to go, with dead-end instead of
>>working solution.
>>Hard to say how soon i18n conscious data layer might hit the
>>release stage - I think some really serious demand+support
>>from the community would need to pop up - technically, it
>>complicates a lot of things considerably, therefore needs a
>>lot of effort to sort it out properly.
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