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Mike Gifford at OpenConcept and I are working on bilingual French / English
sites for a couple of clients, and I expect we'll have more before too long.
Thanks in part to some encouragement from CivicSpaceLabs I believe i18n
support in Drupal is in the midst of getting a significant upgrade if I'm
not mistaken.

I am interested in working on a proper implementation of i18n for CiviCRM as
we are moving from a requirements gathering contract to an implementation
contract on this.

Joe Murray, PhD
President, JMA Consulting
57 Grandview Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada  M4K 1J1
416.466.1281, 416.466.1277 (f)
Skype: josephpmurray

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> [mailto:caché] On Behalf Of
> Michal Mach
> Sent: December 8, 2005 4:41 PM
> To: CiviCRM: General discussion around development
> Subject: Re: [Crm-dev] multilingual crm install
> Hey Pietro,
> >i'm going to use civicrm on my drupal site. i'm using the
> i18n drupal
> >module to be able to have the site in 3 different languages
> >(portuguese, english and spanish). i'd like to know if there
> is a way
> >to change the language of civicrm on the fly.
> >
> Not at the moment. While building i18n support in CiviCRM we
> were focusing on providing single language at the time. In
> most of cases, we were trying to avoid hardcoding any
> solutions which would made on-the-fly language switching
> impossible/difficult, but we didn't start moving practically
> in this direction yet.
> >Also i'd like to be able
> >to translate profile names, custom data groups names and field names.
> >this is for the website of a network of human rights groups and
> >activists in the global south and many of them only speak
> one language,
> >so this is really important. i'd like to have a solution for this
> >either supported by civicrm or in a hackish way untill this
> gets into a
> >civicrm release.
> >  
> >
> I'm not sure if it's doable at the moment. While having
> different language versions of the UI might be doable with
> Drupal's multi-site feature, the data layer is pretty i18n
> resistant, and I think it will stay this way. I can imagine
> some incredibly hacky way to go, where there are 3 CiviCRM
> databases: tables that store i18n sensitive data are separate
> for each database and the rest of the tables storing non i18n
> sensitive data is duplicated between the 3 dbs - but this
> might be extremely bad way to go, with dead-end instead of
> working solution.
> Hard to say how soon i18n conscious data layer might hit the
> release stage - I think some really serious demand+support
> from the community would need to pop up - technically, it
> complicates a lot of things considerably, therefore needs a
> lot of effort to sort it out properly.
> Thx,
> michau
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