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Olivier Boulot:

> Anyway, sounds like making UTF8 the default collation prior to
> creating the tables should be made a requirement in the install
> checklist. Would save some headackes.

A quick question, then - if Drupal won't make the swich ('Not telling
MySQL the truth works for us, and adding this would increse the delta
between our MySQL and PostgreSQL database schemas'), should I try to
suggest adding the UTF-8 collation to the CivicSpace folks?

Is CS supposed to work on PostgreSQL (especially given that CiviCRM
doesn't...), or is CS officially targeted at MySQL at the moment?

On one hand, this would increase the delta between CivicSpace
and Drupal, on the other, it would both solve the problem at
hand and be the proper thing to do in general...

-- Shot
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