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Hi Russell,
You may want to join the CiviCRM developer mailing list going forward
- as it is a good resource for sharing and getting feedback, etc. -

Given that you want to persist EDID info for each contact - setting up
a custom field with Data type = Integer and HTML type = Select makes
sense. You will specifiy option labels (eg Ottawa South) and option
values (eg 35064) for each choice. The screens will behave as you
stated  - users will see a <select> element w/ options during add/edit
and the text label when viewing a record.

You can populate the EDID options using our
crm_create_option_value($params, $customField) API if you don't want
to deal w/ adding them in the UI. More info is here:


On 12/7/05, Russell McOrmond <caché> wrote:
> Dave Greenberg wrote:
> > Hi Russell,
> > I suspect other on this list will have good input on this,
> I'm not a member of the mailing list, but someone who posted a question
> to the website.  Thanks for your response.  I hope any other replies
> will be copied to me directly, or posted as replies to the website
> http://civicspacelabs.org/home/node/15413
> > * Although there is no limit on number of options for a custom field -
> > the UI only allows you to add 10 when you first create the field. You
> > can then add as many more as you like in the UI (Edit Multiple Choice
> > Options action link). HOWEVER, doing this for 308 options will be a
> > bit painful.
>    I already have the data in existing databases, and would just be
> automatically adding the information to the CiviCRM database in whatever
> is thought to be the best place.
> > * If you don't have other reasons to persist the EDID for voters,
>    EDID is critical information to retain for all members, and is what
> is then used to indicate what MP to contact after the election.  The
> campaign will often be asking people to send a letter to their MP about
> various issues, making the EDID far more useful pretty much any other
> information (other than their email address ;-).
>    If I store as an integer then when users look at their own
> information it would show the number rather than a human readable
> version (IE: 35064 is the EDID number I need to index into databases,
> but I'd prefer to automatically show "Ottawa South" when displaying to
> normal people).
>    Am I correct in assuming that if I use a "selection" custom field
> then this will mean that a text version of the option is displayed, a
> pulldown is there when editing, without having to do any custom coding?
>    On the other side, sending 308 options to the browser each time a
> pulldown option is to be displayed is not going to be efficient.  This
> is an argument for using a simple integer.
> --
>   Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant: <http://www.flora.ca/>
>   2359+ Canadians oppose Bill C-60 which protects antiquated Recording,
>   Motion Picture and "software manufacturing" industries from change...
>   http://KillBillC60.ca    Sign--> http://digital-copyright.ca/petition/

Best regards,
Dave Greenberg
CiviCRM Team
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