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I spent some time a couple of days ago using
TOAD/mysqladmin and creating scripts with alter
database, alter table to no avail.
I probably overlooked something but will revisit the
issue in a few days.

In the meantime, I dropped all databases I was working
with and reconf'd the win32 mysql 4.1 instance to use
UTF8, then recreated the schema. That got me past the
speed bump, and seems to be the fastest way to solve
that issue.

I will try to make -after install - changes on the
Linux platform when time permits and  keep you posted.



--- Piotr Szotkowski <caché> wrote:

> Hello.
> Dave Greenberg:
> > * Some versions of MySQL use latin-1-swedish as
> the default collation.
> > If Drupal tables are created in these versions -
> they will carry that
> > collation. What version of MySQL are u running?
> Actually, all MySQL 4.1+ versions do so, for
> backward compatibility (MySQL is a Swedish
> database).
> > * I don't know of a batch way to change the
> collations of
> > all tables in a DB in phpMyAdmin - altho there may
> be one.
> It's enough to change the collation of the database
> (the collation information is inherited unless
> redefined):
> ALTER DATABASE `drupal` COLLATE utf8_general_ci;
> (Or utf8_unicode_ci - see [1] for details.)
> The question is what's the impact of such change on
> Drupal's (and
> its modules') contents. From what I gather, Drupal
> should use UTF-8
> everywhere, so the above change should actually be a
> good thing (and
> should be done on Drupal install). AFAIK, Drupal
> doesn't do this because
> this would be a MySQL-specific change, and they want
> to have the diff
> between MySQL, PostgreSQL and other backends as
> small as possible (on
> one hand, I can't blame them; on the other - using
> MySQL with UTF-8 data
> while telling it it's ISO-8859-1 can backfire in
> very mysterious ways).
> > * If you aren't planning on using i18n features in
> CiviCRM - you can
> > install it with the MySQL 4.0 table create script
> (civicrm_40.mysql) .
> > This doesn't specify the utf-8 collation - so will
> use the default in
> > MySQL.
> On MySQL 4.1, this will simply make the MySQL
> database default to
> ISO-8859-1 character set and latin1_swedish_ci
> collation (the same
> Drupal ends up with, as it does not declare
> anything). Again, as CiviCRM
> uses UTF-8 everywhere, this is not good (nor
> proper), but if you're not
> using accented characters, it shouldn't backfire.
> (Sample backfiring: when one uses UTF-8, but tells
> MySQL it's
> ISO-8859-1, the letter =C2=A3 gets mysteriously mangled.
> Sometimes.
> Which can be a bit frustrating if one has a
> girlfriend in the
> Polish city of =C2=A3=C3=B3d=C2=BC, like some of us.) ;o)
> So, to sum it up, I'm leaning toward recommending
> ALTER DATABASE `drupal` COLLATE utf8_general_ci;
> and asking for reports from anyone for whom this
> didn't
> work. (Of course the database name can be different,
> and most probably is in most installs of
> CivicSpace.)
> [1]
> Cheers,
> -- Shot
> --=20
>                   I wanted to be Superman, but all I
> got were
>                   these special powers of
> self-deprecation.
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