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Greg / Oliver...
We've investigated this collation problem a bit, and don't have a
universal fix yet - there are lots of variables including different
behaviors in different MySQL versions, default collation settings,
etc. However...some answers and potential work-arounds:

* Some versions of MySQL use latin-1-swedish as the default collation.
If Drupal tables are created in these versions - they will carry that
collation. What version of MySQL are u running?

* There is a case modify operation in the interface between Drupal and
CiviCRM and this is what causes the error if the collations are

* I don't know of a batch way to change the collations of all tables
in a DB in phpMyAdmin - altho there may be one. Let us know if you
find out. Alternatively, you could create a script which retrieves all
the Drupal DB tables and then loops through them w/ the ALTER TABLE
command to modify the collations.

* If you aren't planning on using i18n features in CiviCRM - you can
install it with the MySQL 4.0 table create script (civicrm_40.mysql) .
This doesn't specify the utf-8 collation - so will use the default in


On 12/7/05, Gregory Heller <caché> wrote:
> I installed Civicspace 0.8.2rc6 on dreamhost, then added a few modules,
> then when registering new users or e3diting users i got illegal mix of
> collation errors.  it seems that a bunch of my civicspace/drupal tables
> were created with swedish collation rather than utf8
> any ideas why this would have happend?  I went through and changed the
> collatiuon on the fields and tables that were returning errors but i
> still have other tables/fields that still ahve the swedish collation.
> is there a way to change all the collations easily through phpmyadmin
> rather than going through 100+tables and doing it manually?
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Best regards,
Dave Greenberg
CiviCRM Team
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