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The YWCA of the Greater Triangle (YWCA) is a nonprofit organization established to assist and provide services to members and citizens through a host of programs targeted to empower women, promote racial justice, increase wellness, develop youth and support seniors. Prior to implementing CiviCRM, the YWCA did not have a unified method to track clients (known as "participants") and program services. The data was stored in multiple Excel files and paper forms, leading to a high degree of duplicated and inaccurate data.

The YWCA project team was assembled as a volunteer initiative with the primary purpose of addressing the error-prone paper-based system of participant tracking. We selected CiviCRM as a solution for many reasons, including:

  • Excellent client (contact) management functionality;
  • Extensive GUI-based administrative functionality (custom data field management, user and site management through the Drupal core, etc);
  • Additional modules that could be implemented in the future to handle membership and contribution tracking;
  • Case management functionality for tracking services provided to clients;
  • Highly configurable custom data fields;
  • Built-in advanced search capabilities (including the Search Builder query tool), and;
  • Reporting capabilities.

The we customized CiviCRM in the following ways:

The YWCA is currently using CiviCRM as an internal database with no external/client access.

  • Aucun

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