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The What Now America program is tailored to the youth of West Oakland as a community resource. Through our involvement in the community, we hope to cultivate a trusted position that can provide a safe and supportive environment in which youth are able to feel secure. Our mission is to offer weekend and after-school programs that promote personal development, physical and behavior wellness, and academic success, while supporting youth empowerment, community involvement, and cultural pride. The organization will provide inner city youth services in the areas of "basic societal needs" on an ongoing basis, including resume building, assistance in obtaining driver's licenses, job placement assistance, college and financial aid enrollment assistance, technical skills education, mentoring, tutoring, social skills development, job shadowing opportunities, and community involvement activities.

Our website configuration:


Joomla 1.5.10

CiviCRM 2.2.2

...and frequently updating.

  • First started using CiviCRM to process our Volunteer Applications
    • Used the profile functionality for this purpose
  • Eventually moved our Volunteer Management to CiviCRM
    • Using Civi Profile
    • Volunteers can edit their schedule using their own unique links
    • Reports are exported from the back-end
  • After a long process of figuring out CiviMail, we have now started using CiviSMTP
    • Reports are download and used regularly
    • Finally made the switch from Constant Contact and very happy

In the near future:

  • We are looking to bring in ALL of our contacts and using CiviCRM to its fullest
  • Start using Civi Contribute instead of Network for Good

Feel free to contact us if you have other questions.

  • Aucun

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