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Mantra IT started working on Civicrm 2 yrs back. We delivered our first project in June 2009 for a nfp organisation in UK. This gave us an good opportunity to explore the civicrm. We thought it is a good tool which can be use on our Intranet portal to manage contacts, staff, customers and sales and Marketing related activities.

We integrated civicrm with our intranet portal. and today we find it very useful for our sales and marketing team, HR dept and other staff. The way we have implemented it is as follows.

  • Created Contact Subtypes Staff, Business Contact individuals, Business Contact Organisations, Pre Employment contacts and Vendors  
  • Created a Group Active Customer, Not interested
  • Created parent and child tags for industries/ sector for example Hospitality ->Hotels, etc, Membership ->Group housing, Health Club etc, Manufacturing -> Auto, Plastic Product, paper etc,  Education -> Pre School, Schools, colleges etc, Not for profit

These groups and tag are used for Business contacts Individuals/Organisations in order to search them and send the promotional and informative emails and SMS text.

All communication with the customer is done using the civi and gets record in the form of civi activities. We use contribution to record the payment from our customers and we also create a contribution with pending status for the next instalment which helps us in follow-ups.   


We have staff club staff is free to join it. There is contribution ie Joining Fee. Who so ever wants to join club signup civi online membership form and pay fee. The membership we use is monthly. Cron job send the reminder to all member staff. The contribution reports help us see the funds available. We created two Drupal view which are shared to all staff are to see the funds available and the latest membership status with join, start and end dates.    


We feel it is another good use of civi activities. We created a Activity Type “Leave” and a drupal form (Leave Application form). This form is given access to all staff they apply leave using this form. When the form is submitted we create an activity using civi activities API. Added by=> staff who request for leave, Assigned to Lead/supervisor, Status=> “Schedule”, Assign date is the date => Leave start date, duration is the No of days. The supervisor receives an email and logs on to the system and approves the leave by setting up its status to Completed or Cancelled. We use “Left Message” status if staff had left a message on phone the supervisor sets status to Left message once the staff applies for the leave after availing the leave.     


Events and Training programs

We conduct internal training for staff and external trainings students. They register on line for program. We register students manually also who walks in to our office training division to enrol themselves for a program. Amount paid for the program is recorded against contribution

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