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Contacts and their data

Using the Quick Search and the Add block

  • You've just received email from two people who might be interested in joining the food co-op. You're in a hurry and all you have is their name and email address. First use the "quick search" box to make sure they aren't already in the database. Then use the "Quick Add" block to add them if needed.
  • Quick search is the search box in the upper right that gives you dynamic results as you type. If you hit enter or click the magnifying glass it will also send to the full search results page.
  • (Admin only) The Quick Add block is usually shown on the left side. If it not there you can enable it by going to Administer >> Structure >> Blocks (Drupal). Find the block and assign to a theme region. You may want to configure it to only show on certain pages.

Jason Brown,
Cathy Johnson,

Editing Contacts

  • Jason is becoming active in the co-op and you want to add his work and home phone numbers as well as his mailing address. He's asked that for snail mail you use "Honorable Jason Brown" as the addressee name and "Dear Judge Brown" for postal mail greetings. He's also asked that you NOT share his contact info with any other organizations. Tips:
    • You will need to find the contact first. If you just created the contact he might be in your recent items block on the left but normally you would have to search using his first name, last name or email.
    • For the phones you will need to check the location type for each one that you create.
    • Look for the "Do not trade" field to mark his contact info as not to be shared.

144 E. 13th Street Apt 5a
New York, N.Y. 10003
212-123-1234 work
212-567-5678 home

Editing relationships

  • Cathy calls and asks you to add her husband - Alan Johnson - to the database. She also gives you her home address.
    • add the address below to Cathy's record::

      Home: 663 8th Ave., New York, N.Y. 10036

    • Create Alan Johnson's record and select "Share Address With" for his address (selecting Cathy's record)
    • Add "Spouse relationship" between Alan and Cathy (use the Actions button and click 'Add Relationship')

Importing contacts

  • You want to import a mailing list which you've been tracking in a spreadsheet and put the contacts into a new mailing list group called "Active Volunteers". You can download the file here. Ignore columns that do not exist in your CiviCRM database.
  • Create a new group for your 'Active Volunteers' (Contacts > Manage Groups)

Managing Groups

  • Add Cathy Johnson to your new 'Active Volunteers' group. Find her record using the quick search box and click the 'Groups' tab.
  • Also, schedule a meeting with her for 2pm next Wednesday to discuss ideas for a fundraiser (click 'Record Meeting' from the Actions button).
  • From Search > Advanced Search, create a Smart Group of all individuals in your DB who live in New York state (New York Contacts).
    • Search > Advanced Search
    • Address Fields, state = "New York"
    • Click 'Search'
    • Click checkbox top left of listings (to select all)
    • From actions dropdown select New Smart Group
    • Group Name = "New York Contacts"

Printing mailing labels

  • Test out the mailing labels function by printing mailing labels for your 'New York Contacts' group.
    • Search > Find Contacts
    • Select Group = "New York Contacts" and click Search
    • Click checkbox top left of listings (to select all)
    • From actions dropdown select Mailing Labels

Managing Custom Data

  • Your coop needs to keep track of some special information for individual contacts - volunteering interests and experience. You'll want to be able to search on all fields. Create a custom data set with the following fields (Administer > Customize > Custom Data > Add Set of Custom Fields):
Custom data set

Set Name: Volunteering
User For: Individual
Allow multiple records: NO
Display Style = Tab

Custom fields

Add two custom fields to this set.

Label = Interested in (check all that apply)
Data and Field type = Alphanumeric / Checkbox

  • Label = Cashiering, Value = Csh
  • Label = Stocking, Value = Stk
  • Label = Store maintenance, Value = Mnt
    Required = No
    Searchable = Yes

Label = Trained in (check all that apply)
Data and Field type = Alphanumeric / Checkbox
Options = (reuse set of options you created for the field above)
Required = No
Searchable = Yes

  • Update Jason Brown's contact record to record his 'Volunteering' info (he's interested in 'cashiering' and trained in 'cashiering').

Configure Contact Settings

  • Your organization doesn't need to store Instant Messenger or Open ID information for contacts. Go to Administer > Configure > Global Settings > Site Preferences and remove this by unchecking them in the Contact Editing section. Verify your change by clicking the Create New button (upper left side of screen) and creating a new Individual contact.
  • You need the 'Quick Search' box to include 'City' in the results to help staff quickly identify folks with similar names etc. Go to Administer > Configure > Global Settings > Search Settings and enable this feature. Then try it out by using the Quick Search.
  • You're not planning on using the 2 'Additional Address' fields for contact addresses. Go to the Administer > Configure > Global Settings >Address Settings screen and hide them.
  • The co-op wants to use CiviCRM's "mapping" features.
    • First check that a mapping provider has been configured: Administer > Global Settings > Mapping & Geocoding
    • Find Jason Brown's contact record (use Quick Search box in upper left corner), edit and re-save it. Verify that there's a map link on his Contact Summary page.

Configuring Message Templates

  • You want to add the following footer text to the bottom of the default offline contribution receipts. Edit the System Message Templates (Text and HTML versions) for "Offline contribution receipts" from Administer > Configure > Message Templates- System Workflow Templates tab.

    Your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Bayview Coop is a nonprofit organization; our federal tax identification number is: 20-5367752. Please keep this letter as a receipt for tax purposes.

Profiles and CMS integration

You want to collect volunteer information on a form on your website.

  • You want to use reCaptcha to prevent "spam" form submissions. First verify the reCaptcha keys are configured (Administer > Global Settings > Miscellaneous Settings)
  • Modify the "Name and Address" Profile to collect "Volunteer Information".
    • Go to Administer > Customize > CiviCRM Profile
    • Click Settings for this profile.
    • Change Profile Name to "Volunteer Information"
    • In Advanced Settingspane:
      • Add new contacts to your "Active Volunteers" group
      • Set "Drupal user account registration option" to "Account creation required".
      • Check the box to use reCaptcha on this profile

Add 3 more fields to the profile (in addition to what's already there):

  • Click Fields link
  • Click Add Field button
  • *- Field Name = Contact > Phone > Primary > Phone
    • Field Label = Preferred Phone #
    • Required = Yes
    • Click Save and New
  • *- Field Name = Contact > Email > Primary
    • Field Label = Preferred Email
    • Required = Yes
    • Click Save and New
  • *- Field Name = Individual > Volunteering > Interested In
    • Required = Yes
    • Click Save
  • Add a link to this profile on the front page of your site:
    • Click Use (create mode) button to access this profile as an input form
    • Copy the URL from your browser location bar
    • Click Create content link in Drupal menu block (lower left side of screen)
    • Click Page
    • Title = Volunteer Signup
    • Body = Paste your profile's URL into the body. If you're familiar with HTML markup, surround it with an <a href=....> tag to make it a nice with link text = "Signup to Volunteer Now!"
    • Under Publishing Options check "Promote to front page"
    • Save your page
  • Log-out and click the link to go to your new profile and fill it in:

    Tanya Thomas
    212 520-0001
    Interested in: cashiering

  • Login and check Tanya's record (she should be in Active Volunteers group and have the expected data).

Checking links between CMS users and CiviCRM Contacts

  • Use the actions dropdown on a Contact record to check if there is a corresponding CMS user or create one if necessary.
  • Aucun

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