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The advisory group consensus is that usability improvements to core CiviCRM functions should be a primary focus of the next (2.3) release cycle. This page lists focus areas for this project. We need a lead-person for each "team" - who will be responsible for filtering ideas, getting feedback on potential solution(s) submitted by the advisory group and broader community, and delivering a detailed specification which the core team can implement. Each member of the advisory group should "join" a team (as lead or member).

User feedback on "pain points" and use cases to be handled should be added to the appropriate focus area page. Draft spec's, mockups, etc. should also be added there. If there are high priority "core" usability problems that are not addressed by the focus areas listed below - you may add additional links / pages from here. However you should probably be prepared to assume "lead-person" responsibility for that area.

This used to be called "Usability Improvements for 2.3 Release" (renamed 3.0) and although a lot was done, the work is ongoing so I thought I'd remove the version reference - Michael

Usability - Navigation Improvements

Team Lead: Wes Morgan
Team Members: Xavier Dutoit, Cynthia Tarascio

Usability - Layout and CSS

Team Lead: Michael McAndrew
Team Members: Brian Shaughnessy

Usability - Contact Edit and Summary Screens

Team Lead: Xavier Dutoit
Team Members: Brian Shaughnessy, Dave Greenberg, Wes Morgan, Pete Davis, Joe Murray

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