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  • Please add all upgrade script TASKS to the this page as you resolve 2.1 issues which require schema or fixed data modifications to existing 2.0 sites. Include the issue number which is the source of the change.
  • Also add the sql - script to the file: CiviCRM/CRM/Upgrade/TwoOne/sql/misc.mysql

  • CRM-2877 - Set is_counted flag for participant statuses 'Registered' and 'Attended' in civicrm_option_value (uses civicrm_option_value.filter col).
  • Eliminate api_url from payment_processor and payment_processor_type
  • upgrade the value of site_url for payment_processor_type for paypal pro
  • CRM-2896 - remove "required" tag from civicrm_grant.amount_requested and amount_granted (set DEFAULT to NULL in schema)
  • CRM-2963 - Add following new boolean columns in civicrm_relationship - is_permission_a_b default 0  AND  is_permission_b_a default 0
  • AND added new option value 'My Contacts / Organizations' for option_group 'user_dashboard_options'
  • AND made this option checked bydefault in 'civicrm_preferences'
  • Update config->fatalErrorTemplate. Was CRM/error.tpl. Change to CRM/common/fatal.tpl
  • Drop civicrm_event.receipt_text
  • CRM-2964
    • add civicrm_contribution_page.is_for_organization (boolean default 0 )
    • add civicrm_contribution_page.for_organization_text (varchar 255 default NULL)
  • CRM-2676 - Alter index for adding Custom Group with same name but different for extends (Individual/Household...)
  • CRM-3052 -  drop loc_block_id/location_id from civicrm_group_contact.
  • CRM-2488
    • add civicrm_contribution_page.recur_frequency_unit and civicrm_contribution_page.is_recur_interval.
    • add option-group "recur_frequency_units" and it's option-values.
  • CRM-2781
    • civicrm_mapping table, alter "mapping_type" enum to "mapping_type_id" int
    • add option-group "mapping_type" and it's option values
  • CRM-3169
    •  Ensure that we've eliminated domain_id from all tables
  • CRM-3088
    • add civicrm_discount table
    • add column default_discount_id in table civicrm_event_page
    • add column discount_id  in table civicrm_participant
  • CRM-3086
    • add column civicrm_event_page.is_multiple_registrations ( boolean default 0 )
    • add column civicrm_participant.register_by_id (INT default NULL) FK to On deleted set NULL.
  • Aucun

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