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The University of Michigan Museum of Art (UMMA) seeks to transform individual and civic life by promoting the discovery, contemplation, and enjoyment of the art of our world. With such a lofty goal it becomes clearly evident that without the support of the university, donors, volunteers, and the surrounding community UMMA's efforts will fall short. 

UMMA relies on receiving donor information from the Central Development Office in the form of weekly gift reports.  In the past, a system was created in FilemakerPro that allowed UMMA to manage information that was relevant to the museum that went beyond what Central Development kept track of.  When the decision to migrate to a more robust platform was being debated, it was decided that instead of moving to FMP 8, UMMA would move to an open source web-based application.  After researching the field, CiviCRM became the clear choice.  The features available now and the ones soon to be released will provide UMMA with a new level of information management that will certainly allow us to achieve more with less.

At this time we are in the beginning phases of testing and customization.  Our goal is to launch the new system in conjunction with the museum's first intranet using Drupal as the backbone in September of this year.

The InfoTech staff members at UMMA are very grateful for the efforts that everyone on the CiviCRM team has made and the wonderful support that they offer us while in the early stages of testing/configuration.

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