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You have logged into CiviCase and have arrived at the front page, the Dashboard. You would like to know what information is displayed in the different tables and menus.

  1. Contact Search: This is the search function.  To search for an individual or an organization start typing the name and a list of matches will appear.
  2. Recently Viewed: This is a list of the most recent contacts that have been viewed in the current session (since you first opened the browser.)
  3. New Case for New Client: This is the link that you click to open a new case record for a caller who is not already in the database. For more info see Opening a New Case File
  4. Show All Cases / Show My Cases: This link allows you to switch between viewing all of the cases that you have a role in (e.g. Intake Physician) and all the cases in the database.
  5. Summary of Case Involvement: This table gives a tally of the cases in the system, sorted by Case Type and status.  The numbers in the table are clickable links to lists of the cases.
  6. Cases with Upcoming / Recently Performed Activities: These tables contains all of the cases with Upcoming Activities or with activities that have been recently completed. •    The cases that have URGENT status are shown in red. •    The cases that have overdue activities are shown in blue.On any case, clicking on plus sign ( ) shows the list of activities associated with the case.  For more information see Reviewing Cases.
  7. CiviCRM Shortcuts:  This menu contains links to add new records of all types and to see "My Contact Dashboard", the page which summarizes your own activity on CiviCase.
  8. CiviCRM: This menu contains a link to "Find Contacts" (see Contact Search, above) and "Find Cases" which allows you to search for cases by client name / email or by case type.
  9. Find Cases: This link goes to the search function for cases.  You can search for cases by client name/ email and by case type.  For more information see Finding an Existing Case Record.
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