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1.    Click on the on the expand button to see the list of activities associated with the case.
2.    The case ID number shown here is the CiviCase ID number.
3.    The colours of the cases are established by the case statuses:
i.    Red cases have status marked urgent.
ii.    Blue cases have status marked resolved
iii.    Grey cases have marked ongoing.
4.    My role refers to the role that you have in the case.  If you are the one who opened the case then you will probably have the role "Intake Physician".
5.    Depending on the table you might see the "Next Scheduled Activity", the "Most Recent Activity", or both.
6.    Clicking on the edit icon allows you to edit the given activity (see Editing Activities.)
7.    Clicking on the "Manage Case" link sends you to the "Manage Case" page.

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