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Tryon Life Community Farm and CiviCRM

TLC Farm is a sustainability education and demonstration center occupying 7 acres of land in Southwest Portland, Oregon.  We provide a wide variety of programs in partnership with organizations and movements around the region.   TLC Farm recently completed a high-pressure campaign to raise $1.6 million to acquire the property it occupies, or the land would have been bulldozed and turned into 23 high-impact lots.

 During this campaign, TLC Farm built a large network of neighbors, volunteers, donors, and allies in other organizations.  TLC Farm has imported over 3500 contacts into CiviCRM, and now uses the system to decentralize volunteer coordination and donor relationships.  By keeping track of meetings and phone calls, and updating contact information, we minimize the overhead and maintain continuity in our connections.

 We are currently shifting to CiviMail as our primary newsletter updates infrastructure, and with v.1.5 anticipate keeping track of membership donations through CiviCRM.  We also anticipate keeping track of volunteer hours.

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