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Quickie notes from the conversation:

  • choosing the tool
  • figuring out the process
  • multilingual CiviCRM - how useful it is
  • Chinese language issues
  • globalisation of CiviCRM
  • adding a chapter to the book on localisation? For third or fourth day, after we coordinate with booksprint participants


  • Erik: What would be the ideal situation
  • 100% translation each time stable version comes out
  • the possibility to adjust your specific organisation's install with specific terms
  • individual user's perspective?
  • context sensitive translations of specific words
  • translations are not always consistent (something to work on with official language maintainers)
  • strings are segmented, maybe even more detailed segmentation - per module, but having ability to piggyback on the same strings being translated in different modules
  • exposing errors or not, sending error messages to administrator instead of showing them out to user
  • high priority messages are those that are exposed to user (UI), than help texts, than error (non-fatal) messages
  • fatal error messages shouldn't be translated
  • help text vs error messages vs template stuff? Is this segmentation/prioritization important?
  • show me the strings that has changed in current version
  • string freeze
  • having some kind of community management process
  • dream workflow of doing and maintaining CiviCRM translations
  • multilinual process - training
  • Aucun

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