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Tik vzw is a usergroup for customers of Belgian Internet providers.

For our new website, we were looking for a CMS that allowed us to integrate our membership database. We first tried Typo3, which is fine as CMS, but quite hard to set up and extend. After a while, the project got stuck because a lack of PHP developers to customize Typo3 to maintain our memberdata (we only work with volunteers). We started looking into Drupal and CiviCRM end 2006 and soon found out it was a great combination. Drupal is very flexible and CiviCRM is the perfect solution for the integration of our member database.

We currently have about 9000 members in CiviCRM/Drupal. Since membership is free, we don't use CiviMember/Contribute to handle payments and just sort members in groups (based on a "want to be a Tik vzw member" yes/no radio button in their profile). Members are able to enter their address, provider info and email preferences. We use CiviMail to send out our newsletters, based on the groups selected in a members profile.

In the future, we plan to investigate the use of CiviContribute to handle donations and probably also CiviMember.

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