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Sprinters and team members - welcome to the 4.1 testing sprint page
  • If you're new to web testing, review the setup instructions. Grab us on IRC if you need help getting started. First step is to make sure you can successfully run a web test locally.
  • "Signup" to work on a testing task by editing the page and putting your name in the left column.
  • If you don't have SVN commit access, you can post your completed test to pastebin, and add a link to the code next to the task below. Otherwise, just mark the task completed once you've checked in the code.

Simpler tests

Grab one of these if you're relatively new to web tests or don't have much time!

Tester Name

Test / Related Issue

Test Committed or Pastebin Link

Andrew H

  • Create CMS User from a contact – ----CRM-8723-

Attached to Issue

Dave G

  • Save and Next buttons for Configure Online Contribution Page forms - CRM-9130


Dave G

  • Advanced Search by address elements CRM-9165



  • List assigned activities on user dashboard - CRM-8855



  • Provide default membership renewal links on user dashboard - CRM-8547

Dave G

  • Add contact on the fly in new relationship form - CRM-8713

Committed revision 37886


  • Update activity status from selector in Manage Case page - CRM-8790


Andrew H

  • Move custom field to a different custom data group – ----CRM-9118-


  • Count only active relationships, memberships etc in contact tab counters - CRM-6627



  • Set pending offline contributions to 'Pending Pay Later' and allow them to be updated via Find Contributions -> Update Pending Contributions - CRM-9246 and CRM-8996

Attached file and patch in CRM-9328


  • Mailing start date can't be prior to current date / time - CRM-9013



  • Show contribution page in View Contribution even when page is disabled - CRM-9133



  • Cancel after clicking delete contact button should retain search context including prev / next buttons - CRM-9141



  • Schedule f/up activity w/ date-picker (review existing test) - CRM-9074



  • Change Bulk Email field type to radio button (Contact Edit form) - CRM-9168



  • Context=dashlet for view and edit activity links (returns to dashlet after done / save) - CRM-8653


More complex tests

Tester Name

Test / Related Issue

Test Committed or Pastebin Link


  • Scheduled Reminders for Events - CRM-8962



  • Generic webtest to testing new settings



Committed in r37990


  • Test checksum authentication using a profile form (will need to access the DB to generate checksum for the contact)

Committed in r38028


  • Assign multiple contact subtypes and change subtype (includes setting subtype-specific custom fields) – --CRM-8357-

Committed revision 37880


  • Test contact export (Primary Fields). If time, test Merge into Households.

Committed revision 37956


  • Report permissions by role – ----CRM-9113-

Committed in revision 38114


  • Advanced Search - search by privacy options (OR / AND) – ---CRM-9180

Committed in revision 38180


  • Search across all tag sets – ----CRM-9166-

Committed revision 38069


  • Custom fields of type money properly formatted and localized - CRM-8714

Committed revision 37977

Completed tests

In Progress

  • None

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