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Syllabus AreasCovered in Session No. (with link to the Session)
  • How to contribute
  • Online resources
  • Real world resources
  • Users
  • Service providers

Introduction to CiviCRM Session 




Components (workflow and configuration)
  • Contribute
    • Personal campaign pages
    • Batch entry of cheques
    • Pledges
  • Member
  • Event
  • Mail
  • SMS
  • Case
  • Campaign
  • Survey
  • Grants
  • Petition
  • Report

Contribute Session


Membership Session
Events Session
Communications Session
Communications Session
Case Session
Campaigns, Surveys and Petitions Session
Campaigns, Surveys and Petitions
Grant Session
Campaigns, Surveys and Petitions Session
Reports Session

  • User and permissions (including ACL)
  • Localisation
  • Payment processors
  • Customising the user interface
  • Email configuration
  • Access control
  • Scheduled jobs
Set Up Session
Data structures
  • Core data structures
    (e.g. contacts, activities, relationships, tags, groups)
  • Component data structures
    (e.g. contributions, memberships, events, participants, surveys, petitions)
  • Custom data sets and fields
  • Profiles

Organising Data Session

Organising Data Session

Organising Data Session
Profiles Session

  • API
  • Writing extensions
  • Contributing to core
See the CiviCRM Developer Guide 
Extending (using third party extensions)
  • Extensions
  • CMS specific methods
    (like Drupal modules, Joomla components, Wordpress plugins)
See the CiviCRM Book  
and the extensions directory 
  • Installation
  • Hosting
  • Upgrades
Set Up Session
  • Getting help
  • Bug reporting
Introduction to CiviCRM Session
SecuritySee the CiviCRM Book  
Templates and tokens (for SMS, PDF and Email)
  • Templates
  • Tokens
  • Checksums
Communications Session
User interfaceIntroduction to CiviCRM Session
Website integration
  • Drupal integration
  • Wordpress integration
  • Joomla integration
Website Integration Session
  • Searching
  • Actions
  • Import
  • Export
  • Scheduled reminders
  • Deduping

Introduction to CiviCRM Session
Introduction to CiviCRM Session 
Organising Data Session
Organising Data Session 
Communications Session
Duplicates Session
  • Aucun

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