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We are an Alumni Association of a 143 year old school in Bandra a suburb of Mumbai (Bombay) in India. With all this history we had to move beyond Social networking. Our aim is to grow the network and then use the power of the network to drive activity within the school. Our long term goals are 1. Educational Excellence, 2. Teacher re-training to achieve point 1 above 3. Financial independence and 4. Jesuit values (uplifting the poor)

We are using Drupal 4.7 and civicrm 1.5. Civicrm was setup for us by the guys at Webaccess who we found are very professional and dependable. ( We whole heartedly recommend them)

We have found the CiviMember and group Management (by graduation year) components invaluable to segment our different membership types and groups. We plan to use the CiviContribute component to manage our activity specific Donation management and for receiving membership fees.

We have been looking at civicrm 1.6 and its enhanced functionality looks great.

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