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What is a sprint?

In the CiviCRM community, sprints are times when people get together in the same time and place to work on improving CiviCRM.  We work on many different topics and you don't need to have technical skills or be a coder to attend a sprint.  Some of the things we do include:

  • writing new features
  • fixing bugs and writing tests
  • writing documentation
  • improving community processes
  • creating marketing materials

Sprints are informal and we focus on collaborative working and peer learning. While you will learn a lot though attending a sprint, they aren't training events.   They are a way to contribute to CiviCRM and the focus is on being as productive as possible for the time that we are together.

Notes from sprints

You can have a look at these notes that we create at each sprint.

You may be interested in how to organise a sprint.




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