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Everyone is for,  likely doesn't mean the same thing for everyone. Let's try to share a common list of ideas we ought to add to CiviCRM.

Social Network integration with CiviCRM has different facets

  • track social media identity for contacts
    • would be great if this could work like the Rapportive app in Google Apps, where accounts for a contact are actively searched/guessed at for a variety of social media properties (maybe we could integrate directly with Rapportive)
  • being able to fetch information about contacts from social network sites. Eg. being able to update a contact's email if it changes on her facebook record, such as Emotive's work on Facebook integration
    • allow display of profile info for a contact gathered from these sites, eg employer, job title from LinkedIn, interests from Facebook: useful when about to call a contact, or deciding how to segment them
  • being able to gather activity info from social networks and feed it to CiviCRM (eg. save #relevant tweets in civicrm)
    • would be good to create activity records in CiviCRM for all existing (and new??) contacts who use a particular #hashtag or combination of #hashtags, either for the organization, or for a campaign
    • may create db bloat: should we just try to integrate our search with external results, allowing CiviCRM searches to include, e.g. those who sent a particular Twitter hashtags in the previous month
  • being able to let visitors use their social media accounts on CiviCRM pages:
    • promote a CiviCRM entity on the social networks (like, tweet, G+) an event, a donation, a petition from a CiviCRM page: requires logins for contacts' accounts to those other networks
    • being able to use a social network like another media, eg being able to @ tweet a user or set of users, perhaps as an action on search results
  • being able to expose CiviCRM in social networks, eg. being able to sign a petition from Facebook or register for a CiviCRM event from MeetUp
    • might involve, e.g., choosing to expose a CiviCRM page using a different output filter for Facebook markup.

(To be completed and detailed)


need to mention the work we did on petition + civicon 2011 presentation


XD: need to mention tweet civi (blog post soon)



  • Aucun
  1. Jun 17, 2013

    Anything happening on this issue? Social CRM does seem to be an increasingly gaping hole in CiviCRM's feature set.

    1. Jul 21, 2013


      I invested some time on a tool to collect tweets and put them as activities in civi, and on some site, I added automatically the latest tweets.

      The problem is twofold: the social networks tend to change the api/widget/whatever on a regular basis, and brake things in the process

      2) everyone sees the hole, no one sees it as important enough to contribute the money needed to fill it

      This being said I'd like to work again on it... provided 2) is solved

  2. Jun 05, 2014

    Hi Xavier

    I'd like to start a make it happen for this - I'm losing clients to NationBuilder.

    I could probably kick off with $3,000 - how much do you think it would take and what should I do next?



  3. Mar 16, 2016

    JoeMurray dit :

    As this page might be getting some attention due to GSoC 2016 projects on social media integration, I should mention that we have a production implementation of an integration with the social listening service:

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