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New contribution:

Major changes:
Add "date" fieldThis should represent the invoice date and be used for revenue recognition of the obligation to pay. We could add an additional field "due date" which is the date after which the payment is late
Rename total amount to amount dueTo explain that this is the not the paid amount but the amount that is expected.
Move financial type inline with amount

To explain that this with the line item of the amount, not for the contribution overall.

To do: demonstrate how this affect price sets also.


Remove status as a dropdownInstead show the status as text implied by a calculation of the amount paid
Payment area

Show a tick box to decide whether someone is recording the payment at the same time. If checked (perhaps have checked by default) then we should default to include the same amount as the amount due.

Then have usual payment details.



Edit contribution screen


Add payment buttonLinks to add payment form
Payment formHas fields as shown

To do:

  • To do: demonstrate how move of financial type from contribution affects price sets
  • Impact on search for 
    • removal of financial type from contribution level
    • date field
  • Impact on reports for 
    • removal of financial type as a contribution field
    • date field
  • Consider refunds - Should these be a negative payment or specified?
  • What about net amount? Payment processor fees? What should be done with those?

  • Do we need revenue recognition date. We just need a real date for the obligation. This should be dd/mmm/yyyy


Contributions and payments.bmpr

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