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Background Information


  • Ability to schedule a mailing 'n' days before / after the event start date / end date OR on a specific date.
    • e.g. An event admin can schedule a reminder email 7 days before the event and a thank you email 1 day after the event.
  • Ability to schedule a mailing 'n' days before / after the event start date / end date for all events of a specific event type
    • e.g. An event admin can schedule the emails above for all events of type Training
  • Ability to decide who the recipient list is based
    • Participant role (attendee, sponsor, volunteer)
    • Participant status (Pending, Registered, Wait Listed, Cancelled)
    • CiviCRM Group
  • Ability to type the text/html message and subject or use a civicrm message template.
  • Ability to include event information in the message as "civicrm mail tokens". The list of tokens will include:
    • Event ID
    • Event Title
    • Event Location
    • Event Description
    • Event Fees
    • Event Info URL
    • Event Registration URL
  • Ability to do the event type scheduling via the "CiviCRM Action Schedule" page and the specific event scheduling as an additional tab in the event interface
  • Ability to add multiple actions per event type and/or event name
    • i.e. they could be different email messages for each event


This feature is being targeted for CiviCRM 4.1 (a Drupal 7 / Joomla 1.6 only) release. Current timeframe is Sept/Oct 2011

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  1. Aug 29, 2011

    JoeMurray dit :

    Here are some additional requirements:

    1. Allow hours as well as days in advance of event to be specified (hours are useful for a day-of online event reminder).
    2. Cancel scheduled mailings for an event if the event is cancelled.
    3. When copying an event, copy the mailings that have been scheduled for it as well.

    If these requirements are included, what is the impact on the project's budget.

    Separately, what would be the additional cost associated with providing a D6 compatible version (I'm unclear on the current status of funding on-going support for D6).

  2. Aug 30, 2011

    This is a great feature.

    The one key addition I'd like to see if custom data tokens. The event info tokens are great for templates and such but since they're always the same for all participants, they save time but don't allow real mailmerge. 

    It would also be nice if recipients could be specified based on custom data directly rather than having to go through groups.

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