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High level scope:

1. Sales tax / VAT:


  1. The system will support any particular line item on a purchase to be subject to a single VAT/Tax rate.

  2. The system should allow the administrator to specify a VAT/Tax % to be applied to a particular financial type. Agreed approach 1: Sales Tax User Journey - Proposal 1


  3. The VAT/Tax amount should then be posted to a VAT/Tax creditor account and recorded in the system.


  4. The debits and credits to the VAT/Tax creditor account should then be able to be exported in the usual fashion using the financial batches or financial transaction report

    >>> For Items 1-4 detail for changes to code/payment process see here: CiviAccounts - Value Added Tax / Sales Tax


  5. The system administrator UI should be updated to show the VAT/Tax breakdown for all line items on each contribution record. See Tax UI changes - OtherProposed Tax UI changes - other 2


  6. The system public pages should be updated to show the VAT/Tax breakdown for all line items in a price set. Tax UI changes - Other Proposed Tax UI changes - other 2 The administrator should be able to configure the display settings for tax on public pages. See Tax UI changes - Other


  7. The default receipts that the system sends out should be updated to show the VAT/Tax breakdown. See Modify standard receipts

2. Invoicing and VAT receipts 


  1. The system will be able to generate a legal VAT/Tax invoice/receipt for all purchases. See details and example documents attached to this page: Producing VAT invoices

  2. Users with permission to do so can download their invoice by logging into the system and downloading them from the dashboard. See: UI - Other pages

  3. Administrators with permission can download a VAT/Tax invoice from a contribution record in the system. UI - Other pages

  4. The invoice will share it’s numbering with the contribution ID but will have a configurable prefix in front. The configurable prefix can be specified by the administrator. UI - Admin pages

  5. If an invoice is refunded the system will also create a credit note. Users and administrators will then have to download a refunded invoice and credit note. See details and example documents attached to this page: Producing VAT invoices See UI changes on this page (note button changes to Print Invoice and Credit note): UI - Other pages

  6. Users can download their credit note by logging into the system and downloading from the dashboard. UI - Other pages

  7. Administrators can download a credit note from within that administrator section of the system. UI - Other pages

  8. The administrator can set the system to send a VAT/Tax invoice or a paid VAT/Tax invoice (VAT/Tax receipt) when a purchase is made online. (Question - will this be an attachment?). UI - Admin pages

  9. Administrators can email a single invoice/invoice + credit note to a contact. The system will record what was sent as an activity (With the invoice as an attachment?) UI - emailing invoices

3. Scope exclusions: 

1.      There will be no support for recording part payment of invoices

2.     There will be no support for part crediting an invoice (i.e. if someone downgrades membership).

3.     There will be no support for an invoice to cover 2 different entities (i.e. an event ticket and a membership - these would have to be on two separate invoices)

4.     The system will not have the ability to add your own notes to a specific invoice or rename the line items before it goes out.

5.     The system will not keep past versions of invoices, although a record of invoices emailed to clients will be recorded as an activity against the contact.

6.     Users need to be able to submit a Purchase Order number that will be shown on the face of the Invoice. This should be part of the purchase process if choosing to pay later.) Purchase Order Number

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  1. Jan 07, 2015

    shawn holt dit :

    I support a couple of US non-profits who do not need to charge sales tax but definitenly need Invoicing AND support for a "processing fee" which may work just like VAT/Sales Tax.  The fee may apply to one or more price fields (or sets) and would ideally be a fixed amount.  

    I think this is a common scenario to offset credit card fees and increase revenue.  We would be happy to test.

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