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Within this content tree, you will find documentation, proposals and other work under active discussion and revision. Please refer to the CiviCRM Roadmap for listings of items in the current release work queue and future release candidates.

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Page: Access Control List Permissioning Specification Page: Accounting integration improvements Page: Adding PTP's Canvass and PhoneBank Report to CiviCRM Page: Aegir for CiviCRM Enhancements Page: April 2010 Translation Sprint Page: Archives Page: Campaigns Page: CiviCase - Project Home Page: CiviCRM Database Layer for Extensions Page: CiviCRM Drupal Taxonomy Integration Page: CiviCRM - Register your site project Page: CiviCRM Wordpress integration Page: CiviDataSync Specification Page: CiviEvent - Feature Candidates Page: CiviEvent - New Features for 2.3 Page: CiviEvent - Phase 1 Requirements Page: CiviGrant Phase 2 Page: CiviLingua - support for multi-lingual sites Page: CiviMail Page: CiviMail Optimization Project Page: CiviMember - Community Specifications and Comments Page: CiviMobile Specification Page: CiviPetition Page: CiviPhonebank - Distributed Phone Bank Management Page: CiviReport - The Return Page: CiviSMS Page: CiviTime timesheet timetracking specifications Page: CiviVoice Page: CiviVolunteer, CiviCommittee Page: Combined Contact & Activity Import Page: Composer Mockups Page: Compound Surnames-Draft Page: Contacts as Drupal Nodes Page: Course directory in Civi Alpha International approach Page: Custom Fields v1.8 or 1.9 Page: Data Imports Page: DeDupe Optimization Project for v3.3 Page: Deduping Contacts Page: Detailed Member Management Use Case from Joe Murray Page: Direct Debit and Direct Credit - Monthly Batches Page: Direct Debit integration (UK) requirements and specification Page: Donations Page: Event Name Badge and Case Activity Improvements Page: Extending custom groups to auto support new object Page: Facebook Integration Page: Finance and Accounting Page: Frontline Project Home Page: GCC Statement of Work Page: GeoLocation Page: GGC Project - Home Page: GOTV Page: Grant Detail Report Page: Green Media Toolshed Media Contact Manager and CiviCRM Page: Hierarchical Tags Page: HouseHolding Page: Improved Line-Item Tracking Page: Improve Upgrade Procedure Page: Mailchimp Integration Page: Membership - Multiple type signup and alternate calculations Page: Migration of bin to api Page: MIH Specifications Page: Multiple-record Custom Fields UI Improvements Page: New contact type for Position or Office Page: Optimization Analysis Page: Optimizing for Low Bandwidth Page: OUTDATED PAGES Page: Payment processing Page: Personal Campaign Pages (PCP) Project Homepage Page: Petitions Page: PledgeBank for CiviCRM - Project Home Page: Pledges Page: Profiles: If we had it to do over... Page: Project 60 Page: Recurring Entities Specification Page: Relationship improvements for the self-service areas Page: REST Interface Improvements Page: Scaling and Performance Page: Search Builder Mockup Page: Social CRM Page: Soft Credit Enhancements Page: Soft Credit Enhancements - Phase 2 Page: SQL Import Page: Summary of Data Model and API Changes Page: Tell a Friend - Phase 2 Requirements Page: TMF Project Home Page: UI Prototypes Page: Unifying contribution honoree functionality with soft credits Page: Use Cases Page: Voter Management and Canvassing Page: Sort Name as a Customizable Field Page: PCP Owner Notify Spec Page: Towards improvements in Scheduled Reminders Page: CiviCRM CMS Installer Requirements Page: CiviMobile: Use Cases & Requirements Page: Classical Radio Station Enhancements 4.7 Page: Add More Information into Batch Export (CSV) and Add Hooks for Modifying the export Page: Email Preview Infrastructure Page: "Getting Started" widget Page: Symbolic Names for Custom Data and API Page: DonationReceipts Extension Page: Test API suite Proposal Page: Module Support Lifecycle Page: Group Contact Cache Enhancement

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