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(Contributed by BobM, March 6, 2008, in the forums — see the original post )

Redwood Technology Consortium

RTC ( is a very small organization in Humboldt County, California dedicated to helping the region advance with technology. Broadband is a big issue in rural areas. We've been using Drupal for several years since moving from a proprietary Cold Fusion system. We just upgraded to 5.7 and in the process integrated CiviCRM to handle membership joining and renewal. We also use CiviMember to display membership listings.

The Drupal upgrade was pretty easy. Getting the membership set up in CiviCRM was a bit more complex, but we're getting better at it. This is the second site we've done with CiviCRM and it looks like we'll be doing a third. It certainly would be much easier if you're starting out with a new organization. Getting old member records to work with CiviCRM is not the simplest task we've ever had.

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