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QuestBridge, an initiative of the Quest Scholars Program, serves as an intermediary between the nation's brightest, under-served youth and leading institutions of higher education. QuestBridge provides a single, internet-based meeting point which links exceptional students with the colleges, scholarship providers employers, and organizations seeking students who have excelled despite obstacles. By facilitating these exchanges, QuestBridge aims to increase the percentage of talented, low-income students attending the nation's best universities, and excelling beyond.


QuestBridge had been outsourcing its online college application to a third party. The service provider did not provide QuestBridge with enough flexibility to customize its college application. Also, the service provider made it difficult for QuestBridge to assign custom values to applications after they were processed, making it cumbersome to do any data mining or searching past applicants. The QuestBridge organization had wide-ranging requirements for the information they needed to view and search; which the third party did not fully support.

QuestBridge wanted a scalable, extendable, and customizable application that would allow it too customize the application and let the different teams across its organization access relevant information. QuestBridge wanted more control over the college application and be able to create custom fields that could be used to store data on applicants. It also wanted to customizeable data views allowing easier access to relevant information. QuestBridge also wanted an extendable export functionality that its partner colleges could use to export application data based on each college's needs.


QuestBridge found CiviCRM's open-source solution could help with the control and scalability they were looking for. Using CiviCRM's form functionality, QuestBridge developed a custom college application with an intuitive user interface. CiviCRM's custom data fields allowed QuestBridge to add custom data to applicant's contact records and to be able to search the custom data using CiviCRM's built-in search functionality.

CiviCRM's open-source solution has a robust API which allowed QuestBridge to integrate CiviCRM's functionality with its custom needs. Using CiviCRM's APIs, QuestBridge wrote custom code that allowed it to customize functionality for different users. Since CiviCRM uses the Drupal permission system, QuestBridge could use the existing permission model to control access to data based on each user's permissions. Additionally, using CiviCRM's export functionality QuestBridge will be able to provide its partner colleges with a customizable export, allowing each partner to define the relevant export fields.

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