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The current payment method assumes a single payment per item (event registration, donation etc) and therefore does not cleanly separate an agreement to pay from the payment itself.

In real life, people often will want to make a single payment for multiple items or in some cases multiple payments for a single item.  For accounting purposes it is also much better to keep the "order" seperate from the "payment".  This means that once a person orders multiple items, they can be sent a single invoice with all of those items listed on it, and then payments can be recorded against that invoice in addition to the actual items.

This document seeks to summarise the new user experience that is envisaged after completion of Phase 2 of "CiviAccounts".

Existing Component Changes


Upon logging into the website, the member would be able to navigate to a place in the site where she would see her outstanding invoices.  She would then click on an invoice and be able to make a payment against that invoice.  The payment should be either a partial or a full payment.

If the member pays by mailing in a check, the administrator would be able to go to the administration area of the CiviCRM system and create a payment that is then applied to the invoice being paid.


If "Pay Later" is enabled and a registrant selects this as the option for payment at the time of registration, the system would generate an invoice, which would be automatically emailed to the registrant after the registration is submitted - or a notification is sent via email to the website administrator notifying him that he must generate and send an invoice for the registration.  The registrant would then be able to go to the website and enter an invoice number or code, which would enable them to apply their payment against the correct invoice.  If the registrant is a logged in member, she should see her invoices due and should be able to pay only for those invoices.  If she is not a member and can't log in, she must be able to apply her payments to the correct invoice without the possibility of paying for someone else's registration accidentally.  Perhaps she has to also enter her email address?

Event Deposits

Allow for the following rules to be set as an option upon event creation:  Registrants choose to pay either a predetermined deposit or the full balance at the time of registration.  Allow pay now online or pay later by check options, the latter of which sends the registrant an invoice via email.  Do not allow payments at arbitrary times or in arbitrary amounts.  If a registrant has paid only a deposit, she will pay the balance upon physical registration at the event, no sooner.  Also play nicely with an admin editing the event fee and options in the "advanced price set" system being discussed in this thread: .  (Note: Ubercart seems to have this figured out; an admin can edit the amount on the invoices themselves as well as record discrete payments connected with particular invoices.  However, it doesn't allow the one payment to many invoices case.)


The same process described above for Event Registration Payments could be used for this scenario.  A website user completes a donation/contribution and selects, "Pay Later." This causes the system to send her an invoice via email - or notify the administrator.  She then returns to the website to pay all or part of the amount due, or sends in her payment via check.


Payments for one or more of the above

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