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Broad aims

A CiviCRM powered monthly newsletter that appeals specifically to non-engaged or under-engaged user and implementors with a 'low tech' message about using CiviCRM and meeting others who use CiviCRM. The main purpose should be engaging end users and "selling" CiviCRM.  (Geeks already know how to use the forum and read the blogs and IRC and don't need a newsletter) keeping them informed about new and upcoming developments on CiviCRM as a product and project.


The newsletter should wherever possible link to content that lives outside the newsletter, preferably on the CiviCRM site.

Titles for content should make benefits to the reader explicit, e.g. 'See how X org increased their click rates with CiviMail'

WhatDescription and editorial notes
NewsTypically these come from the blog
Case studies / success stories

From people at an organisation that is using CiviCRM / these can link to blog posts or case studies on

Community member highlightA spotlight on someone that is doing something cool in the community, either on an ongoing basis or on a one-off basis.  They could be implementers or end users
Community tip

A sentence or two which is basically just a simple community tip, e.g.:

  • Go to your local meet up
  • Subscribe to the RSS of the CiviCRM blog
  • Ask questions on the forum
  • Answer questions on the forum
  • Give Karma on the forum
  • Become a CiviCRM ambassador
  • Sponsor development of CiviCRM
  • Everyone is welcome to attend to a sprints
  • Represent CiviCRM at conference
  • Buy a CiviCRM cup

Highlight some feature of CiviCRM that we think will be useful for people

  • offline batch entry of cheques
EventsList all upcoming events (online and offline).  Highlight the most important ones. Link to the site for info for each one
Experts cornerAny blogs / articles we've seen out there that we think would be good to share w/ our community re best practices, trends, new ideas for how to engage consituents, etc.
Static content

Unchanging content:

  • Subscribe / unsubscribe
  • Mail address
  • Maybe some key links to the website
  • ‘Sent with CiviMail’ logo
  • Get featured in this newsletter
  • blog rss
  • twitter
  • identica
  • list of CiviCRM meet ups

Editorial process

The newsletter goes out once a month on the 1st of the month.

The Editorial  process is:

  • We have an editorial meeting at the start of the previous month to decide content for the newsletter. Each month, we have a guest editor to help us find and decide on content
  • Editor liases with anyone who is responsible for creating new content for the newsletter
  • Once all content is collected, we pass to the designer who puts the newsletter together
  • Designer sends out to the editorial team for feed back, typos, etc.
  • Newsletter goes out.

Check list for guest editors

Here are some ideas to help you prepare for the meeting so we can have a good and productive discussion:

  • read this page so you understand how we put together the newsletter each month
  • review previous newsletters - you can find them here: - feedback on highlights / stuff you thought was really useful (and to whom), stuff that we could improve, ways that we could make the content more engaging, etc.
  • have a look at the expected content for the newsletter (on this page) and give us suggestions for any of the content:, e.g. can you recommend anyone for the community highlight? what news should we include this month? do you have a tech or community tip that you would like to share, etc

Audience / messages that we want to convey

CiviCRM is a diverse and welcoming community so we should reflect this in the newsletter.  The case studies and community member highlights should have a range of voices, people, skill levels, etc.


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