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The Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals is unlike any other animal welfare facility in New England. Originally formed in 1872 to protect the horses who pulled Portland's streetcars, the Society now provides around the clock on-site staffing, has access to veterinary services twenty-four hours a day, and maintains nearly one hundred equines on its farm facilities. Animals who have been seized by Maine's law enforcement officials and placed by court order with the Society, provided the animals are not suffering, are kept for the entirety of their lives or placed in forever homes.

Artopa, LLC was hired to design and build the MSSPA site — their first web site. Their new marketing director realized that they needed a web presence to grow their membership and make it easier for the organization to promote itself. At this time, their current membership of over 20,000 will not be migrated to CiviCRM, but CivCRM was chosen to allow this growth. By using Drupal, MSSPA can easily maintain news and information for visitors while CiviCRM manages contact information, donations to the organization, and event participation. The user account information is fully integrated in to Artopa's E-mail Marketing to allow MSSPA to quickly send e-mail HTML newsletters to registered users who elect to receive them.

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